Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – Semi-Truck Blowout crash kills seven in NM

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – Semi-Truck Blowout crash kills seven

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A blown tire on a semitrailer may be to blame for a mortal head-to-head crash using an industrial passenger bus together Interstate 40 in New Mexico near the Arizona border, according to authorities. At least seven people had been killed in the accident although police could provide a specific count of how many had been hurt or their circumstances, and several of the 49 passengers aboard the Greyhound bus had been injured.

The crash occurred near the town of Thoreau.

I-40 was shut down for almost eight hours,” says KRQE. As travelers have been diverted, traffic backed up.

New Mexico State Police said when a portion of its tires blew, the semi was headed east over the freeway Thursday day. They stated that sent the rig, which was carrying create, over the median into oncoming traffic. It was going to Phoenix.

houston truck accident lawyerNew Mexico state authorities along with the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

UNM officials didn’t release any details concerning the patients’ conditions.

A chaotic scene was described by passing motorists with passengers on the ground and people.

“It was horrible,” witness Marc Gonzalez informed KRQE. “There has been people attempting to climb out of the windows of their bus… bystanders hoping to assist people getting ladders from the truck to get to windows of Greyhound bus to assist.

“When we moved by the overturned semi, everything in the trailer was out on the street. It was a catastrophe. … You could tell people were distress; cries were coming out of the bus.”

After they came round the wreck eric Huff was going to the Grand Canyon along with his girlfriend.

“A section of this bus’ side was ripped off, ” he explained. “This was an awe-inspiring horrible scene,” he said

Truck driver Santos Soto III shots on video revealed the front of the Greyhound and the semi-truck, with its contents strewn throughout the highway.

He observed folks sobbing on the side of the road as bystanders tried to comfort them.

“I was very traumatized myself, because I’ve been driving about a couple of decades and I hadn’t ever seen anything like that before,” Soto said.

“I’m a fairly strong individual and I broke down and cried for a minimum of 30 minutes,” he further added.

Chris Jones was headed west on Interstate 40 when he caught his first glimpse of this semi. Before arriving across the driver of the semi he saw the rest of the wreckage and stopped to assist.

“It was extreme,” Jones explained.

He said the driver told me one of the tires had popped, forcing the truck to veer into oncoming traffic, in which it struck on the bus.

“We are fully cooperating with local authorities and will also finish an investigation of our own,” Greyhound spokeswoman Crystal Booker explained in a statement.

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Source: CBS News

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