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Large truck such as trailer tractors and other commercial vehicles are common on the busy interstate highways and other major roads throughout the country and so are accidents involving these vehicles. In 2011, there were 287,000 accidents involving large trucks in the U.S., with 88,000 people being injured and 3,757 of these ending in fatalities.

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The majority of injuries and fatalities in large truck accidents are occupants of other vehicles involved in the crash. In fact, 80% of the fatality accidents involving large trucks in 2011 were multiple vehicle accidents with occupants of the trucks making up only 17% of the fatalities. The other 83% were either in other vehicles or were pedestrians/cyclists. These are chilling facts that give a grim outlook to what can happen when a passenger vehicle and a large truck collide on the road.

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Texas has thousands of miles of interstates, major highways, and roads along with thousands of trucks and millions of miles driven everyday in Texas. Due to the large amount of thee vehicles traveling to or at least through Texas, there is always a danger to other vehicles on the road of being involved in a crash with one of these large trucks.

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Large truck accidents are complex in many ways when it comes to liability, especially in a wrongful death lawsuit. Commercial truck accidents oftne have more than one liable party involved, since the driver was usually working at the time of the accident. Not only can the driver be held financially responsible for the wrongful death but it is also possible the company they work for may be liable as well. Handling these types of accident claims or lawsuits requires an attorney that is familiar with motor vehicle accident law as well as wrongful death cases.

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Although there is no way to truly put on the loss of a loved one, there are financial considerations to be made when someone’s life has been taken through negligence. Depending on the age of the victims and circumstances of the accident involving the negligence of a large truck operator, compensation can include lost income to the family and even a financial award for pain and suffering. Each state has it’s own guidelines on who can file a wrongful death case and it is best to discuss the options with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Losing a loved one is one in a tragic accident is one of the most difficult times any family can face. Although financial concerns may be the last thing on anyone’s mind, it is important to start the investigation as soon as possible to ensure that whoever is responsible for taking the life of an innocent victim is held liable for their actions. The Houston truck accident attorney RJ Alexander Law PLLC understands how hard this time of bereavement is and the firm is respectful and understanding of the needs of the family.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC offers a free consultation to discuss what options are available and can begin the investigation into the accident while the family is allowed to grieve their loss. Our fees are contingent on receiving a financial award in your case so there is no upfront money needed to begin working on your truck accident wrongful death lawsuit. Please call the firm today at (832) 458-1756 to set up your appointment at the office in Houston or through the online contact form.

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