Firm Overview

Founded in 2011 in Houston, Texas, Houston Truck Accident Law Firm RJ Alexander Law PLLC, offers extremely competitive, aggressive, and highly effective representation throughout all stages of the legal process.

The firm recognizes that our clients routinely need serious legal help whether dealing with a catastrophic personal injury, bicycle accident, car accidents, truck accidents, 18 wheeler automobile accidents, or oilfield injury.

My firm’s objective is to provide you attentive, superior legal service that will deliver the results that you expect. The firm recognizes that client customer service dictates the reputation and perception of a law firm so I strive to keep you informed during all stages of case development by speaking honestly and often with you regarding your legal concerns.

I realize that in some situations that this may be your first time needing an attorney and the legal system can be very confusing and intimidating. Houston Truck Accident Law Firm RJ Alexander Law PLLC can guide you through the legal process while zealously protecting your interests. Additionally, the law firm’s fees are ethical and discussed up front so there are no surprises regarding payment.

Contact the firm today and learn how Houston Truck Accident Law Firm RJ Alexander Law PLLC can help you with your legal concerns.


Houston Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC Serves Victims of Trucks Wrecks in Houston and Nationwide.

To speak with an attorney about your case, call Houston truck accident lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at 832.458.1756 or contact the firm online. Attorney Reshard Alexander offers evening and weekend appointments as well as home and hospital visits.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Causes of Accidents
Blind Spot
Construction Zone
Delivery Truck
Falling Cargo
Garbage Truck
Improper Maintenance
Loading Dock
Poor Weather
Tire Blowout
Driver Fatigue

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Accidents
Drowsy Driving
Drunk Driving
Head On Collision
Highway Construction
Intersection Accident
Interstate Accident
Jackknife Accident
Rear End Accident
Reckless Driving
Side Impact Accident
Speeding Accident
Texting While Driving
Underride Accident
Whiplash Accident

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Truck Accidents
Abdominal Injury
Broken Bone
Cracked Ribs
Facial Disfigurement
Fractured Pelvis
Head Injury
Herniated Disc
Spinal Cord Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury
Wrongful Death

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Practice Areas
Texas Truck Accident Attorney
Houston Truck Accident Lawyer
Houston Truck Accident Attorney
Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer
Houston Truck Wreck Attorney
Houston Truck Death Lawyer
Houston Truck Death Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney Houston
Truck Wreck Lawyer Houston
Houston Truck Accident Death Attorney
Houston Truck Wreck Death Attorney
Houston Semi Truck Accident Lawyer
Houston Semi Truck Accident Attorney
Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney
Houston 18 Wheeler Wreck Attorney
Truck Death Lawyer
Truck Death Attorney

Federal Truck Safety Regulations
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Truck Accident Statistics
Houston Truck Accident Fatality

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