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In 2010 the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that over 1.2 million people worked as delivery truck drivers. While much smaller vehicles than other commercial trucks such as semi-trailers or dump trucks, these delivery vehicles can be up to 26,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight and still can cause severe damage when they are in an accident. These drivers have pressure to deliver their loads quickly and many have little or no additional training on driving safely.

Delivery Trucks: Common Vehicles on Houston Streets & Suburbs

Delivery drivers can work in a wide variety of industries, from delivering retail goods to mail or packages. They may be bringing food and beverages to grocery stores or restaurants, working for a package delivery company or delivering products to job sites. What they all have in common is that they are generally on a tight delivery schedule and must keep up the pace to stay on track and maximize company profit.

Today, there are several large players in the commercial and consumer delivery business including United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL and United States Postal Service (USPS).

Some of the vehicles they may use to do their jobs are:

  • Box trucks
  • Large vans
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Customized vehicles
  • Cutaway van chassis

Houston Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Corporate Pressures Adding to Risk of Houston Delivery Truck Collisions
For 2005, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that delivery trucks, regarded as those under 26,000 ponds, attributed to over 10 % of all truck fatality accidents and over 6,000 injury accidents. While less deadly than their larger counterparts, these trucks still are dangerous for many of the same reasons. Delivery truck drivers also work long hours, are expected to drive in inclement weather and must deliver their loads within a set amount of time. In addition, these drivers have other factors that may lead to accidents:

  • Lack of training: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most delivery receive less than month of training, unlike large truck drivers.
  • Delivery areas: These smaller trucks deliver in busy city streets and in residential areas, having more exposure to pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Parking: Many delivery trucks are forced to park in the street or double-park to deliver their goods. This can mean quick stops and starts, putting other people around them at risk.

When these delivery trucks are involved in an accident, the companies that employ or contract these drivers are usually the ones to fight the claims. Many of these companies are large corporations that are well represented by lawyers and legal staff to keep accidents payouts to a minimum. Although, they have insurance on their drivers and vehicles, they have a vested interest in keeping the payout as low as possible, as does the insurance company.

Why you need a Houston Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer to Represent You
If you are a victim in a delivery truck accident, you need attorneys on your side to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. The companies that employ these drivers and their insurance carriers will do their best to pay as little or nothing if at all possible. Our Houston truck crash attorneys at RJ Alexander Law PLLC will work directly with these companies for you to get the best settlement, or even go to trial if that is what it takes. We work on a contingency fee so there is no money out of your pocket unless we are able to get you financial compensation. Call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options. Call (832) 458-1756.

Houston Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC

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Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Causes of Accidents
Blind Spot
Construction Zone
Delivery Truck
Falling Cargo
Garbage Truck
Improper Maintenance
Loading Dock
Poor Weather
Tire Blowout
Driver Fatigue

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Accidents
Drowsy Driving
Drunk Driving
Head On Collision
Highway Construction
Intersection Accident
Interstate Accident
Jackknife Accident
Rear End Accident
Reckless Driving
Side Impact Accident
Speeding Accident
Texting While Driving
Underride Accident
Whiplash Accident

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Truck Accidents
Abdominal Injury
Broken Bone
Cracked Ribs
Facial Disfigurement
Fractured Pelvis
Head Injury
Herniated Disc
Spinal Cord Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury
Wrongful Death

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