Falling Cargo Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Falling Cargo Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Lawyers For People Injured When Cargo Falls From Trucks

No one expects or can prepare for a large item suddenly being hurled at them as they are driving on a highway. Motorists share the road with many large cargo trucks that are loaded with all types of products that can come loose at anytime if not properly secured.

When large trucks lose part or all of their cargo on the road, it can cause extreme damage to the unsuspecting vehicles that are unfortunate enough to be in their wake. In 2010, an estimated 51,000 accidents, 440 fatalities, and 10,000 injuries were caused by roadway debris that came from unsecured loads.

Falling Cargo Houston Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander
Secured Large Loads: A Duty For All Shippers & Truck Drivers

There are specific regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other trucking industry regulators on the proper loading of cargo. It is necessary for both the company that loads the truck and the truck driver to ensure that all cargo is properly loaded and secured before it hits the road. Some requirements include:

  • A minimum amount of tie downs, depending on size and weight
  • Cargo must be prevented from shifting or rolling
  • Specific rules for hauling special commodities such as logs, vehicles, cement pipes, and other large products.
  • Cargo must be able to withstand certain acceleration, backing, and turning forces.

These regulations are strictly enforced by officers at weigh stations and check points throughout the country. Fines up to $5000 can be accessed in many states for unsecured commercial loads. However, truck drivers often avoid weigh stations whenever possible to save time and only a small amount of loads are checked by anyone but the loading warehouse and the driver.

Falling Cargo Houston Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander
Who Is Liable For An Accident Caused By Material That Came Off A Moving Truck?

When cargo comes loose and causes an accident, it is not always a cut and dry case of who is liable. The truck driver, the company they work for and the warehouse where it was loaded may all be partially to blame. While the warehouse may be responsible for loading the cargo, it is ultimately the truck driver who is responsible for inspecting the load to make sure it is safe to haul. Unfortunately, each may try to push blame on the others, trying to avoid being held responsible for the damage it caused.

For those who are harmed in an accident caused by falling cargo, it is important to have legal representation on their side to investigate who is liable and to ensure that they are compensated for their losses. These cases can be complex and having a law firm that understands and is experienced in handling trucking liability cases can make a large difference in the financial outcome of the case.

Falling Cargo Houston Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander
Lawyer Representing People Who Were Injured Due to Falling Cargo From Trucks

RJ Alexander Law, PLLC handles trucking liability cases for my clients, including falling cargo accidents. I will use our knowledge of the law and trucking industry standards to ensure that all the parties responsible are held liable for any injuries that occurred from their negligence.
If you or a loved one has been injured due to unsecured cargo from a tractor-trailer, we will pursue the highest amount of financial compensation for your losses. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and we will not charge any fee until we have secured a financial award for you and your family. Call (832) 458-1756.


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Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Causes of Accidents
Blind Spot
Construction Zone
Delivery Truck
Falling Cargo
Garbage Truck
Improper Maintenance
Loading Dock
Poor Weather
Tire Blowout
Driver Fatigue

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Accidents
Drowsy Driving
Drunk Driving
Head On Collision
Highway Construction
Intersection Accident
Interstate Accident
Jackknife Accident
Rear End Accident
Reckless Driving
Side Impact Accident
Speeding Accident
Texting While Driving
Underride Accident
Whiplash Accident

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Types of Truck Accidents
Abdominal Injury
Broken Bone
Cracked Ribs
Facial Disfigurement
Fractured Pelvis
Head Injury
Herniated Disc
Spinal Cord Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury
Wrongful Death

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