Truck Driver Fatigue Resulting In An Automobile Accident – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

There are over 5,000 car accident fatalities caused by commercial trucks each year and another 150,000 injuries.

Those who lose their life or are injured are almost always the individuals riding in the passenger car, not the driver of the large truck. Truck accidents can be attributed to a number of causes, including faulty brakes, distracted driving, or even alcohol use.

One of the biggest contributing factors to truck driving accidents is driver fatigue, when the person operating the vehicle is too tire to be able to operate a truck safely. If you have recently lost a loved one in a truck accident or have been injured in one yourself, contact a Houston truck accident lawyer from RJ Alexander Law, PLLC. Truck driver fatigue is often the result of a deviation in the regulations a driver must follow and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

There were over 120,000 known rural crashes in Texas in 2014. (1)Driver Fatigue Prevalent With Truck Drivers – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

The trucking industry is responsible for transporting billions in goods across the country and through Texas every year. For them, time equals money. In order to meet the high demand, trucking companies will encourage drivers to reach their destination as quickly as possible by paying per mile driven. This practice leads to drivers working behind the wheel for an excessive amount of time in order to earn the money they want and have the chance to make another trip. When you combine a weary driver with a speeding commercial vehicle and other drivers on the road, you are looking at an accident waiting to happen.

Truck Driving Regulations – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer
In 2011, new truck driving regulations were implemented that made it a violation for any truck driver to be behind the wheel for more than 11 hours in a shift. In addition, they must be able to show that they were off for 10 hours prior to the start of each driving shift. This makes it illegal for a truck driver to drive beyond the 11th hour and makes the driver liable if an accident occurs as a result.

Accidents with Large Trucks and Wrongful Death Claims – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

If your loved one died as a result of an accident with a large truck as driver fatigue is the proven cause, then Texas law allows you to file a wrongful death claim. This is meant as a way to compensate your family for not only your monetary losses, but also for loss of companionship and guidance. The Houston truck accident lawyer, Reshard Alexander, will work closely with you and your family to make sure that your rights are protected.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – Wrongful Death Attorney

Do not attempt to handle an accident with a commercial truck alone. These are large businesses with millions of dollars on hand to fight your claim. Call RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756 to receive the support and help that you need.

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Texas Truck Crash caught on camera – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

In Travis County on February 26, 2016, a gravel truck crashes into several vehicles before going off an embankment was captured on video camera.

The video captured images of the gravel truck failing to stop as it approached branch to market Road 2222 from Jester Boulevard around 11 AM Friday.

Austin police tweeted that the intersection will be closed for around four hours while crews cleaned up the crash. For people were injured in the crash and taken to area hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries.

Austin Police Department commercial vehicle enforcement division is investigating why the truck did not stop at the intersection. Records show. Franco’s trucking vehicles have one crash on US Department of Transportation record, which occur in August 2015. USDOT also shows 20 violations from five inspections, dating from December 2014 to October 2015.

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In the event that you or a loved one are injured in a Houston truck accident, call RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756. We offer a free intial consultation 24/7/365.

For more information regarding the accident click here.

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Two die in wreck involving a 18 wheeler truck – Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer

Wrongful Death Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Two people were killed when an 18 Wheeler accident collided on Sam Houston Tollway frontage lanes on Friday afternoon.

The accident happened around 3 PM in the 4900 block of North Sam Houston Parkway of Antoine.

The driver of the 18 wheeler was confirmed dead, as well as one the occupants of the sedan. The other occupant of the sedan is in critical condition, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s office.

For more information and the original link, click here.

There are an estimated 500,000 truck accidents in the US each year. Nearly 5000 these resulting fatalities. The remainder often result in injuries of varying degrees. With the numerous major interstates running through the greater Houston Metropolitan area — I-45, US-290, and I-10 — the Houston area sees more than its fair share of trucking accidents. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are caused by the negligence of truck drivers are trucking companies.

Contact Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer
if you been involved in a serious truck accident in Texas, you can call our office 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 832-458-1756. You can also contact us online by filling out our online contact form. We offer a free initial consultation in all personal injury cases and you never pay attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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Why reckless driving on Texas highways is so dangerous.

Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC Help Victims and Families of Truck Accident Cases

Authorities say the driver of a tractor-trailer that collided with a bus killing four members of a Texas community college softball team told them he had been distracted by something in his cabin before the accident.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Ronnie Hampton said Sunday that the truck driver, 53-year-old Russell Staley of Saginaw, Texas, told investigators he was distracted before crossing the median on Interstate 35 near Davis, Oklahoma, Friday night. Hampton declined to say what the distraction was that caused the reckless driving truck accident. Hampton said that investigators do not necessarily agree with Staley’s explanation.

Hampton said investigators had obtained search warrants to collect evidence from both the truck and the bus carrying 15 members of North Central Texas College women’s softball team and their coach. Besides the deaths, a dozen people were injured.”

When any reckless act by a driver causes personal injury, death, or property damage, the harmed party has a right to be compensated for medical bills, loss of income, wrongful death, and scarring or disfigurement. However, there is a limited amount of time to take legal action in a reckless driving case. So, it is important to obtain legal help immediately.

Contact A Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer Today!
At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, we can help you to enforce these legal rights and gather the evidence and information you need to build your case. Contact our Houston reckless driving truck accident lawyer today at 832.458.1756 or use the online contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case. You will not pay for our legal services we obtain compensation for you and your family.

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Understanding Houston Truck Accidents and Your Rights

You Need Legal Help In A Truck Accident Case – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Large truck crashes happen all across Texas and the United States as a whole and while they may be caused by a variety of reasons, they have two things in common. Number one, truck crashes frequently cause devastating injuries and deaths, and number two, the most severely harmed almost always the people outside of the truck.

If you are a loved one has been involved in a large truck accident, know that you have rights as a victim. Houston truck accident lawyer, RJ Alexander Law PLLC can hold the people who form you responsible so that you can receive full and fair compensation for the severe losses you suffer as a result of the accident. Free consultation is always available from the Houston truck accident lawyer, you can better understand your accident and legal rights so that you can make the best choice in your case.

What caused the truck accident? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Like all auto accidents and Houston, there are many different factors. The frequently cause big rig crashes. However, it, these causes often more complex involve numerous at fault elements. These are some of the most common truck accident causes:

– Dangerous actions taken by truck drivers, such as drunk driving, speeding, or improperly handling their 18 wheelers.

– Truck drivers who violate state and federal regulations, including the hours of service rules and guidelines regarding work schedules.

Failing truck parts that cause a driver to lose control of the big rig. This can lead to major incidents like a jackknife our runaway trailer.

– Trucking companies who incentivizes or threatens drivers into breaking the law, these a dangerous behavior on the road.

– Dangerous roads that are either poorly designed to have been seriously damaged and less unrepaired by responsible government agencies.

– Other passenger vehicle drivers who act recklessly, leading to a chain reaction on the role that involves a tractor-trailer.

By investigating your crash in collecting both evidence. I was testimony, you can better understand the chain of events that led to the incident.

How do I prove fall in a big rig crash? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Once you have fully understood how your crash happened, you can determine who or what caused it. The evidence and testimony collected will not only help you understand the cause of the accident, but also be used to form a legal case improve your claim.

During your case, you an experienced attorney will set out to prove that the at fault party, such as a truck driver, trucking company, or truck manufacturer, acted negligently or recklessly in it. This is what caused the accident. Photos of the crash, police reports, testimony, expert opinions, medical records of injuries, and crash reconstruction will combine to successfully prove fault.

What compensation can I receive? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Because of the severe damage that is easily caused by a large truck crash, victims can suffer devastating injuries, disabilities, and the deaths of loved ones. When medical bills, lost work capabilities, and the emotional toll the crash. Combined, is easy for victims to sustain hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in damage. Thankfully, the compensation given by at fault. Parties and insurance providers can cover the severe debt caused by injuries, as well as any future needs and losses, such as read debilitating are a continued inability to work.

Medical records, evaluations, and projections of the cost of continued care should be combined fall bills that have already been caused by the accident. This will give an accurate representation of how much compensation you should be given.

How can a truck accident attorney help me? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

In the wake of a tractor-trailer accident, do not wait to get in touch with the Houston truck accident attorney at RJ Alexander Law PLLC. I help injured Texas residents prove fault, gain compensation, and recover from devastating losses. To learn more about how I can help you, contact me and receiver no-cost consultation or your case at 832-458-1756.

When You Need Help Call Me – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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How to Hire a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

How to Hire a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Have you been injured in an accident? Do you think someone else is responsible for your injury? If this is the case, you should take legal action against the person who is responsible for your injury. Doing this can not help you to recover form your physical injury, nor can it help you to over come your emotional stress. But it can definitely help you to overcome your financial loss. Texas personal injury law ensures that the victim get compensated for his or her loss.

Remember, handling a legal issue is never an easy task. You should not take things in your hand if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge in this field. Many people think that the case is very easy. Since they have witness, it will not be difficult for them to prove the defendant guilty. As a result they try to handle the case themselves. This is a major mistake to make. Even if the case seems to be easy, you should not try your hand in it, especially if your opponent has a lawyer on his or her site.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Counting on a lawyer is the most wise decision one can take. A lawyer is well aware of the complicated legal procedures. He knows exactly how to frame your case, so that it sounds convincing to the judge and you win the case.

It is true that hiring a lawyer is an expensive affair. However, in Houston you will find many lawyers who fight on a no win no fee basis. Always look for such a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer who will take your case and will charge you only if he wins the case. This ensures that you don’t need to pay him from your own pocket. You can give him a share of the compensation that you get from the defendant.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Are you wondering how to find a no win no fee lawyer? Well, it is absolutely easy. Ask your friends or relatives, neighbors or colleagues who have been involved in such a case. They can help you with reference. You can also check with the local Bar Association. Another way of finding an Houston car wreck lawyer is to check the Yellow Pages. Other than this you can also go online and search for a local lawyer who handles cases on a no win no fee basis.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC – Representing Truck Accident Victims

If you or your loved one suffers a severe or catastrophic injury in a Houston truck accident feel free to call RJ Alexander law PLLC, the Houston Truck Accident Lawyer, for a free initial consultation. The firm is always ready to take your call and health you in the event that you suffer an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing.

Call RJ Alexander law PLLC at (832) 458-1756 and speak with a lawyer today.

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Houston 18-wheeler fire on 610 Loop burns 8 Audis

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

All lanes on the 610 E. loop northbound near I-10 have reopened after crews cleared the scene of an 18 Wheeler fire.

According to investigators, the truck driver was heading north on 610 near Interstate 10 around 2:30 AM he pulled over to the right side of the freeway after noticing sparks coming from the truck.

The driver tried to put out the flames himself, but the fire flared up and consumed the front cabin. It took four fire engines with the Houston fire Department to douse the flames, as there were no hydrants near the freeway. The truck was carrying eight Audi cars from the port of Houston and was heading to Wisconsin. Three of those cars were destroyed in the fire.

Investigators believe the fire started due to mechanical error with the truck.

Crew spent several hours trying to tow away the truck.


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Houston 18-wheeler truck accident on I-10 near Dell Dale

A busload of Houston school kids collided with a car today in southeast Houston. According to the Houston Police Department, 22 students were on the Yellowstone Academy bus when the crash happened at about 7 AM on Friday. The car that was involved in the crash was pinned underneath the school bus and seven kids were being evaluated for non-life-threatening injuries. The Houston Police Department still investigating the crash but it appears that no children were injured.

Houston has experienced a great deal of bus accidents in the past year. In the event that your child is injured in a bus accident due to driver negligence or improper vehicle maintenance it is imperative that you contact a Houston bus accident lawyer to ensure that you receive maximum compensation in the event of any injury to your child.

Contact a Houston personal injury lawyer today at (832) 458-1756 or email the law firm at for a free initial consultation.

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Documents You Should Bring to Your First Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation

When you are involved in a truck accident it can be a very traumatic and chaotic period in your life. Oftentimes, people are unaware of the items that they should bring with them when they initially speak with a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer. Truck accidents can create debilitating injuries that leave you physically scarred, emotionally damaged, or unable to move the way you were able to before the accident. Sometimes the injuries are temporary, and sometimes they are permanent. When you are able to provide accurate documentation regarding the accident at the very beginning of your case then you will likely have a much better chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

All personal injury cases are different and may lead to varying results. Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC has developed a checklist for the items you should bring to make sure you get the best representation possible from your attorney.

  • Bills associated with injury
  • Car Insurance Information
  • Correspondence with the other parties in accident
  • Medical Insurance Information
  • Medical Records
  • Photographs documenting physical injuries
  • Photographs of scene of accident and vehicle damage
  • Police Report
  • Proof of Lost Wages
  • Rental Car Charges
  • Vehicle Repair Costs

By providing the above information, you can rest assured that your first meeting with Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander runs smoothly and helps to sped along the insurance claim process.

Contact the Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC

To schedule a free consultation today, call the firm at (832) 458.1756 or complete the contact form.

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FMCSA proposed tracking interstate drug offenses among newly hired truck drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is currently reviewing public comment on the proposed implementation of a nationwide clearinghouse to track drug and alcohol offenses among commercial driver’s license holders.

John Esparza, president and CEO of the Texas Trucking Association, says the federal program is modeled after the system operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety for several years now.

DPS tracks drug and alcohol offenses among CDL holders, but only those within Texas.

That leaves the door open for out-of-state drivers with past offenses to move to Texas looking for work and employers in the Lone Star State potentially never finding out about those offenses.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for issuing and enforcing safety regulations for the operation of 18 wheelers (semi trucks, big rigs) and other commercial trucks. The regulations set forth by FMCSA cover nearly all aspects of the maintenance and operation of trucks.

When handling an automobile accident case, Houston truck accident lawyer Reshard Alexander searches for evidence the the driver or trucking compnay was in violation of trucking regulations. Trucking violations include:

– Driving without taking adequate rest breaks
– Driving with an overloaded or unsecured load
– Improper truck maintenance
– Drug and alcohol abuse
– Falsifying trucking logs

To ensure their safety, 18 wheeler trucks and other large trucks must be adequately maintained and operated by trained, competent drivers. When truck drivers and trucking companies are negligent in the operation and maintenance of 18 wheeler trucks, the results can be fatal.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in an 18 wheeler truck accident, attorney Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC is here to advocate for your legal rights and damages. Houston truck accident lawyer Reshard Alexander has extensive knowledge in Houston truck accident lawsuits involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

To discuss your auto accident case, call RJ Alexander Law PLLC now at (832) 458-1756 or simply leave a message for an initial free personal injury consultation.

Image: ABC KSAT News

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