Understanding Houston Truck Accidents and Your Rights

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Large truck crashes happen all across Texas and the United States as a whole and while they may be caused by a variety of reasons, they have two things in common. Number one, truck crashes frequently cause devastating injuries and deaths, and number two, the most severely harmed almost always the people outside of the truck.

If you are a loved one has been involved in a large truck accident, know that you have rights as a victim. Houston truck accident lawyer, RJ Alexander Law PLLC can hold the people who form you responsible so that you can receive full and fair compensation for the severe losses you suffer as a result of the accident. Free consultation is always available from the Houston truck accident lawyer, you can better understand your accident and legal rights so that you can make the best choice in your case.

What caused the truck accident? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Like all auto accidents and Houston, there are many different factors. The frequently cause big rig crashes. However, it, these causes often more complex involve numerous at fault elements. These are some of the most common truck accident causes:

– Dangerous actions taken by truck drivers, such as drunk driving, speeding, or improperly handling their 18 wheelers.

– Truck drivers who violate state and federal regulations, including the hours of service rules and guidelines regarding work schedules.

Failing truck parts that cause a driver to lose control of the big rig. This can lead to major incidents like a jackknife our runaway trailer.

– Trucking companies who incentivizes or threatens drivers into breaking the law, these a dangerous behavior on the road.

– Dangerous roads that are either poorly designed to have been seriously damaged and less unrepaired by responsible government agencies.

– Other passenger vehicle drivers who act recklessly, leading to a chain reaction on the role that involves a tractor-trailer.

By investigating your crash in collecting both evidence. I was testimony, you can better understand the chain of events that led to the incident.

How do I prove fall in a big rig crash? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Once you have fully understood how your crash happened, you can determine who or what caused it. The evidence and testimony collected will not only help you understand the cause of the accident, but also be used to form a legal case improve your claim.

During your case, you an experienced attorney will set out to prove that the at fault party, such as a truck driver, trucking company, or truck manufacturer, acted negligently or recklessly in it. This is what caused the accident. Photos of the crash, police reports, testimony, expert opinions, medical records of injuries, and crash reconstruction will combine to successfully prove fault.

What compensation can I receive? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Because of the severe damage that is easily caused by a large truck crash, victims can suffer devastating injuries, disabilities, and the deaths of loved ones. When medical bills, lost work capabilities, and the emotional toll the crash. Combined, is easy for victims to sustain hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in damage. Thankfully, the compensation given by at fault. Parties and insurance providers can cover the severe debt caused by injuries, as well as any future needs and losses, such as read debilitating are a continued inability to work.

Medical records, evaluations, and projections of the cost of continued care should be combined fall bills that have already been caused by the accident. This will give an accurate representation of how much compensation you should be given.

How can a truck accident attorney help me? – Houston Truck Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

In the wake of a tractor-trailer accident, do not wait to get in touch with the Houston truck accident attorney at RJ Alexander Law PLLC. I help injured Texas residents prove fault, gain compensation, and recover from devastating losses. To learn more about how I can help you, contact me and receiver no-cost consultation or your case at 832-458-1756.

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