Houston 18-wheeler fire on 610 Loop burns 8 Audis

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All lanes on the 610 E. loop northbound near I-10 have reopened after crews cleared the scene of an 18 Wheeler fire.

According to investigators, the truck driver was heading north on 610 near Interstate 10 around 2:30 AM he pulled over to the right side of the freeway after noticing sparks coming from the truck.

The driver tried to put out the flames himself, but the fire flared up and consumed the front cabin. It took four fire engines with the Houston fire Department to douse the flames, as there were no hydrants near the freeway. The truck was carrying eight Audi cars from the port of Houston and was heading to Wisconsin. Three of those cars were destroyed in the fire.

Investigators believe the fire started due to mechanical error with the truck.

Crew spent several hours trying to tow away the truck.

Source: http://www.click2houston.com/news/breaking-18wheeler-fire-closes-east-loop-at-interstate-10/31309080