FMCSA proposed tracking interstate drug offenses among newly hired truck drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is currently reviewing public comment on the proposed implementation of a nationwide clearinghouse to track drug and alcohol offenses among commercial driver’s license holders.

John Esparza, president and CEO of the Texas Trucking Association, says the federal program is modeled after the system operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety for several years now.

DPS tracks drug and alcohol offenses among CDL holders, but only those within Texas.

That leaves the door open for out-of-state drivers with past offenses to move to Texas looking for work and employers in the Lone Star State potentially never finding out about those offenses.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for issuing and enforcing safety regulations for the operation of 18 wheelers (semi trucks, big rigs) and other commercial trucks. The regulations set forth by FMCSA cover nearly all aspects of the maintenance and operation of trucks.

When handling an automobile accident case, Houston truck accident lawyer Reshard Alexander searches for evidence the the driver or trucking compnay was in violation of trucking regulations. Trucking violations include:

– Driving without taking adequate rest breaks
– Driving with an overloaded or unsecured load
– Improper truck maintenance
– Drug and alcohol abuse
– Falsifying trucking logs

To ensure their safety, 18 wheeler trucks and other large trucks must be adequately maintained and operated by trained, competent drivers. When truck drivers and trucking companies are negligent in the operation and maintenance of 18 wheeler trucks, the results can be fatal.

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Image: ABC KSAT News